Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DIY..yes that means do it yourself

DIY is all the rage. For some it is a necessity and for others they are just so damn crafty. Brides, new homeowners(that's me!!) and people who just like to put there mind to a creative project find themselves in the land of DIY. Food DIY projects are easy and can really help a budget. Or they help bridge the gap of favors and/or centerpieces. These ideas apply to weddings, birthdays or any party where you want to give a small token of appreciation for your guests.
Here are two of my favorite food DIY's:

Perfect gifts at weddings. Look how this bride, her grandmother and mom made just under 200 jars of jam for their guests. Named it after the farm which they got married. Also instead of gifts you could actually use them for the bread at the table.
Cookie buffet? Cookie Favor? Love this. Everyone can make a cookie. Great way to have kids help in preparation of a wedding or birthday party. Below is a cookie buffet with cute glass jars and then paper or glassine-lined bags. Use stickers or japanese masking tape so guest can take them to go. Great idea.

I wrote about lollipops and candy bars as one of my first posts. I still think that nothing beats candy. It's easy, it's fast and always pretty in some smart packaged bag or box.

What are your favorite DIY food favors?


  1. Our new house has lemon, tangerine, and orange trees in the yard - we're getting so much fruit that we couldn't eat it all.

    So we decided to try making preserves, and started with orange marmalade. I've never really liked marmalade all that much, but it's easy to make. Guess what - it's awesome! We wound up giving it as Xmas gifts to our families. Now we keep getting requests for it! Such a fun way to use the bounty of your backyard.

  2. Great idea!!!! Love a good marmalade!



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