Monday, March 22, 2010

Espresso please...I mean Nespresso.

Alrighty....this machine saved the day. If you like to have an cappuccino, latte or anything from a fancy coffee house like, Intelligensia, Urth Cafe or even dare I say should invest in one of these machines.

This falls into the big birthday present, engagement gift or wedding present category. It is not an inexpensive machine. But, use it enough and it will pay for itself. We got this as a gift and I used it all weekend while my family was in town. Wow. New morning ritual.

Nespresso makes this one pictured above. It makes an espresso shot and has a built in milk frother (they also make a separate frother for just the simple espresso machine). They come with capsules that you pop in the top and a deliciously perfect espresso shot comes out. Then you mix that with some sugar or sweetener and add the frothed milk. I became a true barista.

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