Monday, March 15, 2010

Heath Wedding Lounge...Recap..

Fun fun fun .Wedding Lounge at Heath Ceramics this past Saturday. Love the ladies over there that put it together (good job in the table design!) Great vendors and good food!

Franklin and Gower (featured this winter in Style Me Pretty ) are taking the grooms market by storm with custom suits, pocket squares and collar prints from founders Paco McCauley and Eduardo A. Braniff. A very upper Eastside NY, Tory Birch aesthetic but they have some pattern and prints that would make any hipster proud. Based here in Los Angeles they provide design services to source unique prints and solids to complement your bridal party’s design. Check out their website for a full few of ideas and products.

Cake Monkey was tasty. They sure know how to set up a stand at one of these wedding lounges. With products like homemade versions of Snowballs and PopTarts, I was in heaven. I met Lisa who told me the trend seems to be a small cake for the bride and groom with then mini ones for all the guests. That or a dessert bar. The cake (pictured above) was stunning. So pretty with all the natural flowers. If you live around LA you can find their sweet treats at places like Umami Burger and Silverlake Wine.

Bluepoolroad is a fabulous design firm. Peggy Wong's professional experience goes back to her design days at Martha Stewart. Her work has been featured on many blogs but recently she found a spot in C Magazine. Super nice piece about her upcoming work with Crane & Co and new venture into rug design for Aga John. Love a pretty letterpress invitation but also enjoy her regular printed suite of invites.

Heirloom LA is a great boutique catering company. They were one of the companies mentioned in my guest blog spots for 100 Layercake. I finally met Matt Poley the man behind the famous Lasagna Cupcakes. Savory delicious cup caked shaped pieces of joy. I ate the one with roasted vegetables. Also there was a mixologist making great drinks with fresh juices. I opted out of the alcohol and had a tasty ginger lemonade.

A wonderful afternoon at Heath...and I did not buy anything?!!! How was that possible?


  1. It was fun running into you outside the WOA (World of Animal).
    Love the site.... especially the vintage stuff. Let's talk about your other interests soon - maybe I can help too!



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