Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sorry for the lapse in posting...early flight to NY this morning.
I will do a larger post this weekend or next week when I arrive back to the westside.
For right now I am enjoying the 100% humidity and ready to get my shop on tomorrow.
Photo above is my favorite NY iconic landmark. The Chrysler Building. I always take a deep breathe when I see it.

Definitely looking forward to:

Eating at Spoon

Browsing at John Derian, ABC Home and Johnathan Adler

Shopping for vintage all over the place...
Taking suggestions from everyone and anyone....

Always....thanks for checking in and reading my little space in the internet world.
Sarah xx


  1. I know you're the foodie... But, Max, on Avenue B between 3rd & 4th is my favorite for Italian!

  2. thanks!!! will try and make it this trip..!!



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