Monday, May 3, 2010

RED ALERT: Shu Uemura leaving the USA!!

I found out this weekend (better late then never) that Shu Uemura is leaving the USA!! Like gone, bye more little boutiques, no more at Barney's or Neimans...DONE! Only place to find it will be online. (Though I was told that Barney's, at least in LA, will have it through the summer). Gina Brooke's former Artistic Director talks about it in NY Magazine. Also a piece in Racked.

Not joking around here people. The Japanese company owned by L'Oreal is pulling out of the US for reasons that no one really knows. I suspect everything that folds...but this brand has been around forever and is LOVED by so many make-up artists and skincare fanatics.

Their skincare line is my treat to myself but mainly a treat for my SKIN!!
Sad there will be no more counter to pop by to see their fabulous display's
or get some FREE samples...

Online shopping for my Shu? Bummed.

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