Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Bought these post it note/to do stickies from russell+hazel at Sugar Paper the other day. I love them. So I went onto their website to check out what other great stuff they made....
Turns out I totally missed the boat. They have a wedding binder. My dreams did come true!!!
I wish I had it for my big day.
They have wedding templates!! For free....PDF's...Especially great if you don't have a wedding planner. They have table layouts, budgets etc...The binder has sticky notes, planning notebook and business card holders.
If you are newly engaged....this binder looks like the best thing out there to keep you sane.

P.S I hit 100 posts. Clap clap. I think that is cool. Thanks for reading my blog and please spread the word. I will keep posting as long as people are still reading. Will you still be a fan of SH??


  1. I love r + h too!! and they are from MPLS so we have a super cute store here :)

  2. so jealous you have the store there!!!!



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