Friday, June 4, 2010

Sam's favorite wedding food

My dear friend Sam got married about a month ago?!! Crazy. Her wedding was at a hotel on the roof in the heart of Los Angeles. I helped find amazing earrings that went with her insanely gorgeous Vera Wang dress. But, alas Sam is a girl close to my heart because she loves good food. I asked her about her favorite bite. Her answer below is good for all those planning an upcoming event. She gives a surprising budget tip.

Favorite dish of the night was risotto station. When the chef first mentioned it I thought, "there's no way I can afford that!" but what I learned is anything in bulk(including rice) makes things look very rosey to a chef dealing with a budget bride. AND-he prepared the risotto a la minute.

The wedding had a cocktail style reception. Sam loaded up on stations rather then a buffet.

Other stations I tried that were delicious:
Beef tenderloin with wild bluberry compote
cheese station
sushi station
cupcake station

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