Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Is Easy: bridesmaid dress mix and match

(photos by heather p.moore and aaron shintaku)

Saw this post on Inspired By and thought it was a great post. Mix and Match bridesmaid dresses. We all know the drill. Friend is getting married...says the bridesmaid dress is not a big deal...then it turns into matching nail polish and shoes for everyone!! OH JOY!!!

Here's an idea: Pick a color and let your dear friends wear whatever dress they choose! It looks great in photos and everyone feels happy and ready to hit the dance floor.

Other idea: I have been part of many weddings which the bride says to pick a color within the same "family". Like if she says gray you could also do silver. Mix it up...

Many wedding blogs have tackled this subject. Obviously, J.Crew is taking over the market with this concept. I think it would be fun to make everyone wear vintage!!! Even in black it would be so pretty.

Take a look at Green Wedding Shoes..she really breaks it down for you.

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  1. Love the mix+match dress idea. Saw your blog via Rachel D - fun stuff here. Thanks for posting! I blog a bit about weddings, so always looking for inspiration.




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