Monday, July 26, 2010

Favorite Summer Handbags

My guest blogger is Michelle from Pretty Mommy.

Summer Bags: What's the one you are using almost everyday or can't live without during the summer?

"When Sarah asked me what handbag I was rocking these days I was, of course, totally flattered but then felt a bit panicked...because to be perfectly honest, in the last 3 post baby years, I tend to grab whatever farmer's market/baggu/wholefoods bag is nearest, shove in some diapers, snacks, and run out the door...but since I'm trying to step it up a bit I unearthed my beautiful Mulberry Bayswater from the back of my closet where it has been gathering dust for 5 years (hoping to look a bit like Lucy Laucht - my newest style idol), for lunch with friends & date nights I'm super crazy about the little straw clutch I picked up in the Bahamas a while back, and for more playdate friendly ventures I'm snatching up this Clare Vivier messenger bag from my soft, buttery, and perfectly simple!
xoxo, M

pics: Lucy Laucht, Mulberry & clutch - moi, Messenger Bag - Clare Vive


  1. Love the mulberry. As mother of a not-quite-3-year-old, I am still borderline with diaper bags. This summer I'm all about my Belstaff colonial, which straddles the line nicely.

  2. I love Bellstaff!! Nice move on making that work for a diaper bag...



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