Friday, August 27, 2010


I don't have one yet but I am an aunt to eight little ones. This post is dedicated to all my pregnant friends who read this blog. They are starting to love sleepless nights, back pain and all the joys of pregnancy.

My friend Sam says she can't live without her Snoogle. She has stated she might have to, "upgrade" her queen size bed to a King so the husband and Snoogle can fit.

The organic Teddy Bear above is from Kallisto. I think it looks super soft.

For the more modern and sleek mom to be. My friend Eve says these cribs by Oeuf are the best.

If I see another kid with this damn teething Giraffe I might have to buy one to chew on myself.

Little robots on a little baby? Nothing cuter.

Cherry's on your toes? Yes, they will eventually need shoes for their tiny feet.

Have a wonderful weekend. We are getting down to the last days of summer so please enjoy.

UPDATE: I changed my title on this post. I realized me being cute with using the word addition..just looked weird.

Sarah xx

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