Monday, October 18, 2010

Paris Overall and Overview

(picture of me at Musee de L'Orangerie and the Monet Water Lilies)

Sorry for the delay in posts. Some unexpected circumstances kept me from blogging. But, I will continue to milk my Paris trip.

More Fashion Favorites:
French Trotters
American Vintage

Cool Stores:
Cire Trudon
Mamie gateaux brocante

Overall RANDOM thoughts on our trip:
dog poop? Why don't Parisian's pick up after their dogs?

marc jacobs. They LOVE him.

scarves. everyone's wearing them rain or shine.

girls EAT!!! Bread and Butter and lots of it.

But, girls smoke cigarettes. That and good genes is how I am convinced they are all so thin.

Leather bomber jackets

short boots

jean shorts with tights. Like after ballet class. When you threw on your jean shorts over the tights.

rolled jeans


the twinkle bell tone before the announcement in the metro

lots of messy hair in buns on top of the head

no phillip lim

lots of alexander wang

chain straps on bags. new young designers interpretation of Chanel

Starbucks and Subway have invaded

Thin is IN


Ressie for restaurants A MUST

iphones are there and have taken over

rent an apartment

metro is key

get an ipad just for the plane ride. saved us. dual headphone splitter is imperative to keeping the marriage going for the 12 hour trip. watched 6 movies.

Thanks for some of your comments. How do I get you to comment more? Let me know if I am writing stuff you guys want to know/care about?

Thanks again for joining me on my little piece of the www.
Sarah xx


  1. I would comment everyday if my daughter took naps anymore ;) LOVE your blog, atyle, etc...and LOVE my new BE magazine - Thank you, thank you!!!

  2. What a great post:) I am off to check out all those fun links with a cup of my tea:)

    Ps: I am hosting a $50 gift certificate GIVEAWAY later on today, so please join in :) ...

  3. Sarah... my mom and I just returned yesterday from Paris and I laughed out loud reading your post because you are SO right!! I too loved the parisian fashion but the jeans and tights combo is one I don't think I will be embracing myself... Glad you and Vinny had a good time though and hope all is going well with your new endeavors... hope we can chat sometime about it and swap paris stories!!



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