Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Secret Shop

You know why I love flying? Magazines. A true pure read. Just stale air, a chair that barely reclines and my magazines. Yes paper, not their online site.

I just picked up ELLE with Kate Hudson on the cover. To my surprise the Insider Fashion segment was all about LA (Also a cool little piece with my favorite gal Sophia Coppola).

Found this gem super interesting, the SECRET SHOP. Based out of Kitty Jensen's apartment you can find the best vintage. By appointment only. Kitty also uses her talents to sing in the hip LA Ladies Choir.

Elle is not working their magic quick enough with linking to their online site(see that's why you need to still buy magazines!!) Here is link from Style Section L.A.

Look at secret shop on etsy and their website.

Thanks Elle...I will not give up on you even though I do love my ipad.

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