Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chip Alert

Back in 1992 as a devoted camper at Robindel in NH, my snack of choice was Cool Ranch Doritos and a Gingerale. That was my jam.

As I mentioned in past posts I love going to any market and trying something new. Usually a product catches my eye and I grab it.

This week it was LATE JULY'S brand new chips!! I saw these called DUDE RANCH and opened the bag in the car. I literally freaked out and almost ate the whole thing. A healthier COOL RANCH!!

The best part is that 10% go to The American Camp Association. Helping kids in need with summer camp scholarships.

Sarah x


  1. Cool Ranch + diet Dr. Pepper was my back in the day snack. These might fit my (slightly healthier) older self. Where did you find them?

  2. got them at WHOLE FOODS. And if your local WH does not have them ask them to get them...If no WH in your hood try a health food store. xx



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