Monday, February 28, 2011

Post Game Events-Vanity Fair

I know everyone does their Oscar red carpet post game...but my favorite is the Vanity Fair Oscar party.  Look at these fabulous people enjoying the fanciest party of the year!

Haliee Steinfeld belle of the ball.

Jessica Biel and Justin...Cute couple.  Loved her dress.

Can't even handle this cute picture of Jason Bateman

Sandy in all her glory.  Man oh man just think of a year ago.  She really has come a long way.

The woman with the most style, one of my icons, Carolina Herrera.

Hope everyone enjoyed their evening.  I was not too happy with the telecast.  Not blaming it all on James and Anne.  The whole thing was weird.  Sorry, but I have been watching this show since I can remember.  Never missed one.  I could have missed this one.

Sarah x

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  1. I am ALL about the Oscar fashions. Thank GAWD for Tivo... LOL! X



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