Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Almond JOY!!!

Went to the Santa Monica Farmer's market this morning.  My husband goes to many of the markets in town but Wednesday's Santa Monica market is pretty much the cream of the crop.  I would say 90% of the vendors offer Organic produce.  It really is a bounty of all things beautiful in California.

Vinny usually surprises me with some sort of goody from the market. He got me hooked on this fresh almond butter with honey.  I spotted the vendor today and went to checkout what else they had to offer.  Fat Uncle Farms sells all things ALMONDS.  They had the best blistered almonds in a bunch of fabulous flavors.  After almost overdosing on the samples I decided on Garlic&Herb and a bag of Cinnamon.

They are a small operation only serving California markets.  Their website site has a link to recipes like the almond filled chocolate cups above and almond crust for tarts.  People outside LA...not to worry they do have an online store.  I am sure you could call them and ask to ship stuff to you too.

Sarah x


  1. OK, on my "to buy" list. Do you ever get the pistachios from the pistachio people? During the holidays they had chocolate-covered ones and they were amazing.



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