Tuesday, May 31, 2011

things I am loving...this week

Beauty Products:
Still a fan of my favorite drugstore moisturizer, Aveeno. 

To step it up during pregnancy someone bought me Basq Stretch Mark butter... Only using it sparingly to avoid a budget crisis in my house.

Loving Cargo's blush for summer.  Picked it up at one of my favorite places to spend money, Larchmont Beauty.

Hemp Seeds.  Got this book 100 Healthiest Foods to Eat During Pregnancy.  I happen to be a healthy eater but some of the information in this book has been informative and helpful.  Hemp Seeds pack a lot of protein among other essential fatty acids.  They really don't taste bad added to Oatmeal or even in a salad.  Man, I sound like such a hippy.

Addicted to Huckleberry Cafe's Cinnamon Loaf.  Sliced and Toasted with cream cheese. Thanks Zoe, you complete the pregnancy cravings on a daily basis.  Best advice on how not to waste fresh bread:  freeze it.  Slice it up, Ziploc it and throw it in the freezer.  Love pulling out a piece and popping it in the toaster.

Never really ventured into the JCREW factory online store...until NOW.  Not so bad. Worth checking out especially for a good deal.

Time to buy a new pair of my favorite overall sneakers.  Can't beat Converse for price and an old school classic.

Bought a great scarf at Jigsaw (here in the US) a year ago during one of their fantastic sales. I am wearing it non-stop.... Similar to this style.

So that's the latest scoop.  Cooking more at home with our fabulous farmer's markets in full glory.  Yes, getting help from the husband which makes it easier...and definitely tastes better!

Have a great short week!! 
Sarah x

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  1. You're supposed to turn into a hippie when you get pregnant :)
    I need that Cargo blush!! xoxo



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