Saturday, March 31, 2012

SF family style

Photo of Locanda via Grubstreet and our little family

We made this a family trip.  I know I know "how the hell did we eat all these places with the baby?"  Well, we didn't.  All dinner's were sans little one.  Thanks to helpful babysitter friends BILLY (Manny shout out) and Meghan (new friend shout out)
Also there was a lack of shopping or cultural activities.  Though I was so psyched to make it to the De Young Museum with the baby.

I will also do a post on baby travel.
We DROVE to SF.  Six fabulous hours on the 5 freeway.
So I know what to pack.

Gotta say we love San Francisco. 

Sarah x

Una Pizza Napoletna
Did a pick up and brought back to hotel to eat and watch the little one fall asleep.

Slanted Door
A must on any of our SF trips.
I honestly have never had a bad meal here.  GET the Vietnamese crêpe.

Lunch here was delicious.  A bounty of produce from the local markets and ingredients from all over the surrounding Bay area.

The husband's "must try fancy meal" of the trip. It's super cool location made for a very interesting dinner.  Everything on the menu is touched by the wood fire burning in the front of the restaurant.  This one is a doozy in terms of price so be prepared.

Boot and Shoe Service
Man...they just get it right.  From the geniuses behind one of my favorite U.S. restaurants
Pizzaolo in Oakland comes there second stellar restaurant.  Enjoy EVERYTHING.

In Canto
This place is fun.  Packing them in like crazy to eat all parts of the animal.
Pasta dishes were fabulous.  This place is an institution for head to tail eating.

Mission Chinese
Lots of hype and a long wait but we did it.  No ice for the drinks but a killer soundtrack of hardcore hip hop and rap.  The food was damn tasty.

Absolutely best meal of the trip.  I can't even list all the things I enjoyed because it was pretty much the whole meal.  Book in advance for this place.

Tartine Bakery
As mentioned before in another SF post will not and can not leave SF without getting me some pastries.  Sticky Bun and a Croissant. The husband must eat the Ham and cheese Croissant.  Done and Done.

Blue Bottle
daytime treat
You would think they were handing out free $100 bills at this place.  But, the product stands for itself. 

Cow Girl Creamery
daytime treat
You diary free?  Don't even walk past this place at the Ferry Building.

De Young Museum
One of my favorite museums in the country.  The museum is smack dab in Golden Gate park.  We made it to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit that had JUST opened.  It was pretty damn good.  They used live imagery on the mannequin's faces to look as if they were speaking to the audience.  Think of it as an updated Disney version minus the creepy animatronics.

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  1. Love this SF wrap up! Will definitely be trying the pizza place on our next trip up north.



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