Friday, March 16, 2012

we have lift off

ladies...this place in no joke.
you won't find Yelp reviews or people rating this place...
Not that kind of nail salon...
You want want to spend some $$$$ on that spa like experience...??
Look no further than Mars Nail Salon.

It opened last month in the heart of West Hollywood.  It's first outpost outside of Japan..
Just look at the photos on their site of the Tokyo salon.  Amazing. 

Sleek and modern decor make way for some of the best nail technicians in the country.
These woman do not mess around. You sit in your own private room with a flat screen TV and headset.  I am sure they have magazines to look at but we are talking about
Vogue and Harper's Bazzar not US Weekly.  Chanel nail polishes a plenty.

Think more Spa then the local, bad lighting and chemical intoxicating nail salon.

Thanks to my girl Helen for telling me about it. 

Happy St Patricks Day and screw up your weekend traffic jams LA Marathon!!!

Sarah x

(Photo above of the owner Hiroko's nails)

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