Thursday, August 9, 2012

Get Away.....

(photo of Redd Wood from SFGATE)

Made it back from my weekend in Napa with the husband.  No little man.  First time leaving him.  It was hard but honestly so fun.  Of course I came back to a slap in the face reality check:  little man has a nasty cold.  And hello I am home.  Mom style.

The food rundown in Napa/Yountville/St Helena is some of my "must have" favorites, new hot spots and fancy fancy firsts.  Plus bonus extra treats....

Mustards Grill (have to get a Bloody Mary. Have to.)
Bouchon and Bouchon Bakery  (bakery equals perfection and the restaurant is just delicious)

Redd Wood (great design and good pizza)

Meadowood  (awesome awesome awesome would say spend the cash and go here skip Laundry.  Gasp! I know.  Full disclosure: Chef Chris Kostow won Food and Wine Best New Chef with my husband in 2009.  So we are lucky to call him a friend).

first was beautiful.

Because my husband and I are nuts we also went to Oakland on the way to NAPA (to eat lunch) and then went into SAN FRANCISCO on the way home (to get snacks for the plane and freeze some croissant's when we got home)

so here are our two stops:

Boot and Shoe Service (the pizza and small dishes are damn good)

San Francisco
Tartine Bakery (the best bakery in the USA and I totally stand by them words)

and yes I think I gained at least five pounds.

Sarah x

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