Friday, January 29, 2010

Pop your Corn

(photo from Nina Katchadourian)
I love making popcorn. I wish I had a fancy home theater that that housed my own machine. Fresh air popped popcorn and real butter?!!! The best. I grew up with a big green bowl filled air popped corn and real melted butter (thanks Dad). Some movie theaters still do it. To find one is a real score.

But, at this point I like making in the kitchen. Currently, I pop this corn and take it to the movies in a plastic zip lock bag. Seriously, I am that person. Don't get me wrong I still eat cheap movie popcorn and scary yellow butter. But, sometimes I make the time to do my own pop. No real butter...just plain as Jane popcorn with salt.

Here is my lose interpretation of a recipe for what could serve 4.....I think.

One pot with handle and lid
2 tablespoon of grapeseed oil
(need to coat bottom of the pot)
3 cups of organic popcorn
few pinches of good Maladon or sea salt

Stove burner should be on high setting. Coat bottom of the pot with grapeseed oil. Pick up pot and move the oil around. It should slide across the bottom.
That is when you know it is hot and ready for the kernels.
Put kernels in and then cover with lid leaving it slightly open on top. This allows some air to escape. You must not go to far from the stove. The key to not burning the kernels is to wait until you hear the popping sound slow down to like one or two pops in a minute. Then take pot off stove(be careful the handle will be hot. Use towel or oven mitt). Pour popcorn in a big bowl.
At first sprinkle small amount of salt on popcorn, then taste. Mix corn and put more salt on if desired.

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