Monday, February 1, 2010

Food Fight

Let's be honest...
At a wedding kids can either be a ton of fun or everyone's worst nightmare.
Depending on the size and type of the wedding there are plenty of options for a easy, cool and inexpensive children menu. Long gone are the standard option of fries, hamburger and hot dogs.
Important factors to consider:
  1. The age of the children. Before your event talk to your guests with infants or young toddlers. They might not need a special meal for their child. Special reminder: If a guest is bringing a baby that is breast feeding make sure there is a place where she can feel comfortable with her child.
  2. Will the children be seated at a table in the dining area or in a separate room? If in a separate room think about hiring a babysitter to watch the kids while their parents are at the reception. Some people even hire entertainment for the kids, like a clown or magician. If at their own designated table have snacks and things for them to do. Crayons and coloring books are a great idea. Older kids have cool art projects. Make bead necklaces.
  3. Will the parents be seated at the same table as the kids? You should confirm with your guests that their child wants different food then the adults. Once again, this can be determined by how old the child is at the table.
  4. Is it an outdoor wedding, reception hall or hotel? Kids at an outdoor wedding are more eager to run around and play and not sit down and eat. Make sure you have a babysitter or someone who is designated to take care of the kids while they play. You should not be worrying about them!!
Food Options:
Some kids in their earlier toddler years only like to eat, "white food". Pasta, bread, butter (ummm still love these things!!) and a few other select items. Talk to your caterer about what would be a cost effective dinner or lunch menu for the children you have at the wedding. If you do want the typical kids fare like french fries and chicken fingers that requires a fryer. So make sure your caterer has one.
Here are some good snacks and dinner options for the kids..
  • ham and cheese roll ups
  • humus and pita chips
  • pork chops bites and apple sauce
  • grilled cheese
  • pasta and red sauce
  • build your own taco
  • chicken in lettuce cups
  • baby carrots
  • fresh fruit like berries(if in season) banana's, grapes or apples
  • cut up veggies (bell peppers, cucumbers, green beans)
  • pretzels
fun dessert item:
homemade rice crispy treats
fun drink item:
white grape juice spritzer(white grape juice and club soda or ginerale)

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