Monday, February 15, 2010

1/2 soup 1/2 sandwich or 1/2 salad combo

Ask anyone about my typical lunch and they say, "Sarah is a combo girl". Half sandwich and a soup or salad. A soup and a salad leaves me plenty of room for dessert!! Clemintine's in LA(Century City) serves one of my favorite combo deals...and it comes with a choice of one of their fantastic chocolate chip cookie's!!!

Example of Clemintine's Combo:

The Clementine Combo[available daily 11am-close]:CHOOSE any half sandwich with any soup or a baby greens salad PLUS your choice of one of the following: cookie, fountain soda or iced tea. $9.75

Perfect. And very friendly on your wallet. Even if you are carrying a fancy one.

Below are links to some of my other favorite spots which serve a great soup and half sandwich combo or maybe no combo deal but their soup and salad's are awesome!!

Shoop's Delicatessen
(great combo)

La Scala Beverly Hills
(no deal..but the famous chopped salad is awesome and don't forget the Ortolana soup!!)

Cora's Coffee Shop or House Cafe
(great soup !!!! and good salads)

Tender Greens
(good soup and great salads!!)

Ed's Coffee Shop
(an amazing deal)

What's your favorite 1/2 and 1/2 places in your city?

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