Friday, February 12, 2010

Houston ain't just a name of a city...

Thanks for your patience. Moving is a bitch. My first move in nine years. That's right. So no internet for a few days only blackberry's and iphones. Alright so back to the FOOD. Some people question this suggestion or can't believe that two chef's (Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo) LOVE Houston's Restaurant but, they do. Houston's is a part of the wonderful world of Hillstone Restaurant Group. I promise no money changed hands for this post to endorse this place. Houston's has saved my ass on many occasions. Like when we cannot decide where to eat. Houston's is our common ground. The picture of above is of their cheeseburger. One of the best. Seriously. Put me on record. Houston's also has some other cool restaurant concepts all over the country. Do you go to one in your city?


  1. R+D Kitchen in Dallas. It is their research and development resto. There is one on Montana in Santa Monica as well. Love the idea.

  2. I've never been... but will certainly have to now!

  3. Had walked part the one here in Pasadena a million times before we finally tried it - it's terrific! So much better than I expected.



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