Friday, February 19, 2010

It's hot in here...

Benefits of chef husband = really cool free gifts from random events. I am even more thankful that the above was a freebie. This thermos is incredible. I have opened the cap to a piping hot sip of tea after 5 hours. I use it more then anything in our kitchen. It is from a Japanese company called Zojirushi. They make all types of rice machines and other small kitchen equipment which you can find at crate and barrel or sur la table. My mug is part of the d-mug series. I think you can buy it through the site but I also found one being sold through an ebay store for $56.00!! After seeing the price I plan on not throwing this in the car anymore or letting it drop on the ground. I will take very good care of this little pricey thermos.
Do you use a thermos??

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