Monday, March 29, 2010

Need a Revolution

I watched Jamie Oliver's FOOD REVOLUTION and was truly blown away. Definitely not from the production value or how ABC (and the production company) positioned a frustrated with the system, crying, doing this all for the children Jamie in a playground while the faint noise of laughing children is in the background.....but by what I genuinely believe was real reality TV.

A few Google clicks and I found some wonderful organizations that are working hard to change and educate people on what we feed children in schools across this country. Please checkout the links below:

Great NY TIMES article from this past summer talking about how change is on the horizon..

Funded by a 3 year grant by the W.K. Kellog Foundation FOOD FOCUS (part of Liquori and Associates) is trying to, "get school meals right" Developed to help urban school districts transform the quality of food served in their schools.

The grandmother of all things sustainable, Alice Waters, has her Edible Schoolyard organization. She has a book that describes the process and pictures of kids enjoying the garden.

Jamie Oliver's own site has ton of information on the heroes of the movement, petitions and recipes.

There are more episodes coming up on ABC. I would suggest setting the Tivo or DVR.

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  1. I've watched as well, and am so inspired by J.O. If you're not following him on Twitter, definitely do... he's always updating his news.



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