Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reuse and Recycle Wedding Edition

A sweet friend of mine is getting married next month. She called me with a question the other day. "What do I do about flowers or cool centerpieces for my brunch the next day after the wedding?" She is doing a brunch at a family home. We threw out some ideas...centerpieces you could take home, favors etc...but here are some of my favorite suggestions for the DAY AFTER CENTERPIECES:

-If you are doing a casual "stop by and say Hi" brunch at someone's home or retreating to the restaurant in the hotel of the wedding venue make sure to talk to your florist about taking your centerpieces from your wedding.

This saves you some money and people love to look and talk about the flowers all over again. Even if you have rentals for the vases etc. Plan ahead and ask if they can get picked up after the brunch. Or you might be able to collect and return them yourself.

-If you have a wedding party. Use their bouquets. After pictures (and before they leave them under a table!) have the florist or wedding planner put them in water. Plan ahead and rent or use your own vases to arrange the next day.

-If you don't want to do flowers how about fruit? That way it can be part of the meal or a little something they can take with them.

The brunch does not have to be a second wedding. Enjoy your glow the day after and keep it easy and simple. Especially if you are racing off on your honeymoon!!!

Pictures above are from Dandelion Ranch and Apples & Onions LA

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