Monday, March 8, 2010

Pre Wedding Food

Please have a snack before you get married. Don't just drink the booze while you get your hair and makeup done. You will feel like crap. Things ladies get freaked out about when they wake up the morning of their wedding:

-I am going to feel bloated.
-I am too nervous.
-I don't have the time.

I am not saying to eat a cheeseburger(though if you do more power to you!) Just make sure to have some carbs(yes seriously) and something healthy.

Sliced fruit like apples or strawberries. Avoid lots of citrus. The acidity will not be great for your stomach mixed with nerves.

Turkey, cooked chicken, peanut butter. Something to keep your energy going.

Lot's of dairy, coffee or soda. Drink water. Stay hydrated especially if you plan on drinking throughout the night.

Photo above is me (and my dear fabulous friend Morgan) while I am getting ready in my mom's bathroom. Plate of food to my left. I ate some turkey, fruit and bread while getting my hair done.

The food at your cocktail hour or even your reception can be hours upon hours away. Between being whisked away for photos, Ketubah signing, or your Aunt Sally grabbing you to chat for a few minutes. It will seem like forever until you are enjoying those awesome appetizers you choose for your big day.

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