Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Your wedding film

A quick post on a great company for wedding films or any celebration requiring a moving image of loved ones. I meet Kristine at the Heath Wedding lounge I went to a few weeks ago. I spoke to her for a bit on weddings, shooting video and what makes her Paper Tape Films different from the rest.

They love FILM. It makes a difference. Paper Tape is the "little sister" to Fifty Foot Films.
Both companies use film to shoot all the pieces of the wedding. Fifty foot will do your film in 35mm and make your wedding from start to finish look like it is literally a Hollywood fairytale. Paper Tape is like hiring your good friend to shoot on your old Super8mm for the day...

At the Heath event I watched a wedding shot in Hawaii with aerial shots and steadycam on 35mm. Incredible.

So if you are in the market for a videographer look no further for a true filmmaker.

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