Monday, May 10, 2010

look at the week!

I remember moving out here(10 years ago) and people just kept bad mouthing LA. Fake Hollywood people, earthquakes and being too far from NYC.
I always wanted to live out here. I went to film school back east and knew I had to give LA and Hollywood a shot. Obviously, I have enjoyed myself and made a life here.

The weather, the food and my friends have all contributed to my ongoing love affair with this city.

A great article in Travel+Leisure about the food in this fine city.

Who needs a gym? One of my favorite places to exercise.

Healthy salads and a walk from my house or the best chopped salad.

In&Out? Apple Pan? Hello burgers.

OK could be one of the best stores on the planet.

Now it's not hard to convince my friends and family to visit...even with all the sunshine and earthquakes.

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