Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day. It's ok there is still time.

Mother's Day is SUNDAY! That's right the woman who put you in this crazy world deserves some sort of card, flower or gift.

You forgot? No problem. My last minute suggestion is Proflowers. But some of their arrangements are cheesy. Go with all one type of flower and no filler...EVER and does she really need another vase? I say, no.

So you remember next can order and set a date in advance! Ahhh technology how you have saved me and destroyed me oh so many times.

Iris are beautiful and come in bud form so your mom will have them for at least a week!

Happy mother's day to all my first time mom's. Happy mother's day to all the ladies who have been doing it for awhile and are still hanging are doing a wonderful job.

Sarah xx


  1. If you type in Daly at the top of you get a discount for all of those Amp FM listeners out there : )

    Okay I'm done doing his promos.

  2. thanks for the comment!!! That's awesome!



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