Thursday, May 6, 2010

The St. Elmo Style

I was home that night and enjoying my new couch. I hit the remote a few times and stumbled upon one of my all time favorites. St Elmo's Fire. Which I hear is going to be a new TV show?

While watching it I was like, "man, Rob Lowe was hot?!!" and then I also took notice of all the WASPY and Preppy styling going on in the film. The rolled cuff pants, the pearls, the long duster coats, short bang haircuts for the ladies and that almost Justin Bieber cut for the guys!! Man oh man!!!

It was like recent designers from J.Crew and L.L. Bean had watched the film too?!! or that these clothes have never left the inclusive enclaves of certain levels of, they have just fully entered the mainstream!

Take a look at these fun prep school and Ivy league fashions:

Classic Brooks Brothers white shirt

LL Bean staple: preppy and now hipster, handsewn Blucher moccasins

Vintage Rod Laver sneakers at J.Crew

LL Bean Signature Mariner leather purse

Even J CREW is selling Opera length pearls! So Ally Sheedy!

what's your recent or all time favorite preppy fashion favorite?

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