Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heath and Skid Row Trust

(photos of the recently built Charles Cobb Apartments for 74 permanent residents)

This could be one of my favorite posts to date. I went into Heath yesterday and noticed these signs telling me to donate my old dishware and receive a 25% discount on new ones. What??

Heath has partnered with The Skid Row Trust an organization based in Los Angeles that believes in making a real home for our homeless. They have created beautiful living spaces on Skid Row for 20 years. Stating that, "The Trust ends homeless by providing homes that are affordable coupled with the help needed to permanently break the cycle of homelessness"

Interior Designers like Estee Stanley and Katie Fine were each given a room to design for last year's Carver Apartments.

If you live in LA and have some old dishware that you were going to throw away swing on by and drop them off. Then pick up some gorgeous plates or cups like these for 25% off!!! New dishes for you and the old ones go to help people making a new start in their new home. What an amazing feeling.

For more information on the Heath trade in visit their dedicated web page.

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