Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NY Magazine's Wedding Guide

New York Magazine has come out with it's Wedding Guide. A wonderful resource for bride to be's in the Tri-State and beyond. While skimming through the online version I found, "How to Buy Vintage".

I had my mind set that I was going to wear a 1950's vintage wedding dress. But, as time moved on I found what I wanted was not really going to work with my farmhouse backyard wedding. Instead I went with a beautiful dress that was long and flowing.

The article includes a section from Rare Vintage owner Juliana Cairone on what to look for when buying vintage. A must read for anyone looking to go Vintage for their wedding. They also include a small list of New York City secondhand stores that are a great starting point for vintage dress shopping.

The photos above are from poshgirlvintage.com This dress is PERFECT. Someone bought it! If you read my blog and bought this dress let me know!! It is stunning.

I love looking at this site. They have some of the best vintage party dresses around.

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  1. I'm glad you went with the long flowing dress. You looked beautiful on you. As someone who lives in a farmhouse I know firsthand how much a 1950's dress would be inappropriate and can't imagine wearing one. Also, I'm a guy so it would be even more odd for me to walk around my farm house in a 1950's wedding dress. The kids would be like 'Dad why don't you wear the long flowing one!'



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