Tuesday, September 21, 2010


As promised picture of a piglet!! yeah!

I had a fantastic time taking part in Niman Ranch's Pig Farmer Appreciation Dinner and tour of Paul Willis's farm. We went to Des Monies, Iowa to meet with representatives from Niman Ranch who support family farms. It was an eye opening experience. An honor to meet and talk with people who have made their lively hood from raising animals with care and teaching their children.

Niman has a NEXT GENERATION scholarship fund. The, " fund is designed to support the children of rural communities who wish to attend college in order to pursue an education with a focus on sustainable or environmental practices and who plan to return to the family farm after graduation". Now, that is cool company that believes in what it is selling. You eat at Chipotle Mexican Grill? Maybe you will now because their pork comes from Niman Ranch.

I am not here to be a preacher about eating sustainably, seasonally or local. I have posted about it before and I remain dedicated to doing my part. We all make a choice everyday. It is more costly to eat this food and that is unfortunate.

These farmers truly are making a difference in the health and environment of our society.

For more of an in depth look at the Willis ranch checkout Food Wishes. Also
Carrots N Cake did a wrap up of the Farmer's Appreciation Dinner. (Though she was not too keen on eating my husband's dish after meeting the little piggy's up close. Hey, I understand that...but a pig's tail "buffalo style" is some good eating!)

More on the Willis Family Farm from Carrots N Cake.

Yes..that is a picture of me up top. Yes, I am wearing very fashionable plastic boot coverings. Why? Ummm pig's poop. May be natural..but not pretty.

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