Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Where do I begin?
People, you are going to want to re-post, twitter, Facebook or mass email the crap out of my lists. I am telling you we had some good people telling us where to eat in Paris.

I am going to milk my Paris trip into a few blog posts. Too much to write about and I don't want to overload everyone. First up: my experience with the NEW bistro and 3 star Michelin restaurants.

The NEW Bistro
A new group of younger chefs that are taking the concept of the super expensive, fancy, often stuffy and uptight 3 star Michelin restaurants and putting their own stamp on it. Just watch the always delightful Anthony Bourdain talk about it in his 100th episode of NO RESERVATIONS. We tried two of these unique small tasting menu driven restaurants. Their dining rooms are small and the kitchen's even smaller.

LE CHATEAUBRIAND(picture of raspberry dessert above)
RINO(really small and really good)

Then we ate at two tried and true 3 star Michelin's. Besides being super pricey it was fascinating. On one dish at L'Astrance I ate an a plant that tasted like an Oyster? Crazy.

L'ASTRANCE(no menu. Chef's "surprise")

Another one we missed but receiving some notable press and love in Paris and beyond:

Frenchie(good luck getting a rez! You really just have to go there. It's nearly impossible. Place is super small)

More tomorrow....think fabulous chocolate and the traditional bistro.
Sarah x

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