Thursday, October 7, 2010

Paris More Food

Lunches, brunches...Oh..Paris has it all.
Pictures above are delicious french onion soap(Le Castiglione)and a wonderful portion of Fois Gras on toast(Le Comptoir).

Lunch places we hit:

Breizh Cafe (Gallettes and Crepes)

Les Cocoettes de Christian Constant (By the Eiffel Tower)

Rose Bakery (great for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Two locations both small and packed)

Jean Nicot (cool little coffee bar stand. Sold lottery tickets and made food on a small toaster)

Marche Enfants de Rouges (great market fulled with places to eat)

Le Comptoir (go for lunch impossible to get in for dinner)

Le Castiglione (We were told they had good French onion soup and a cheeseburger...more like a patty melt. It was tasty!)

L'As du Falafel (one of the best)

More more more PARIS tomorrow and next week...
Don't worry I am getting to the fashion part. Promise.

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