Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Take off!

I know... I can be a horrible blogger. Where have I been??
Well, you try to blog with a family of five and your parents all at your house! While they are on their way back to the snowy east coast I am sitting here in rainy LA just relaxing.

I caught this picture of Rachel Bilson (she is one of my favorite fashion gals) perfectly dressed to hightail it out of the Los Angeles. Love that she is rocking the Jansport backpack. Would love to know where her jeans are from? Anyone?
(yes, these photos are from Yes, I feel badly about using paparazzi shots. But, she looks so cute!)

Hope all my readers have been enjoying the holidays. Here's to a fun filled New Year's eve. I am staying local.

Any big plans?

Sarah x

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