Monday, January 3, 2011

my new do for a new year

I did it.
The pixie cut. The short short do. The "I have to dress pretty or really stylish to avoid looking like a 12 yr old!"

Some inspiration above, but overall it's my own thing. Thanks to my friend Morgan who is a dear friend and the best with hair both in film and fashion.

Here is to dressing cute, girly, fun and being happy and healthy in 2011.

Sarah x(photo by my husband via new iphone in the apple store. How very 2011.)


  1. Love it! Happy New Year! X

  2. Ahhhh...massive haircut envy. (PS: if you *love* your stylist, would you mind sharing her deets with me? I'm still looking for the one, preferably one who doesn't cost $300 per haircut.)

  3. OMG! You look so, so awesome! Love the cut...happy new year - glad you survived the onslaught o guests ;) xoxo



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