Friday, January 21, 2011

Dream Food Trip for Spring

Great article in the NY TIMES about two weeks ago titled, "10 Restaurants worth a Plane Ride". My current favorite from the list is Willow's Inn on Lummi Island in Washington.

I quickly went to their website and fell in love. A "farm resort" (you can tell I like these kinds of places i.e. Blackerry Farm) in the heart of the San Juan Islands. The food is all local fish caught from the Bay, produce from their farm and meet/poultry from surrounding purveyors.

The restaurant is run by 24 year old Blaine Wetzel. He worked at NOMA in Denmark for over a year and brings his knowledge of sourcing and caring for local product.

This Inn had me at the views, the famous "Spot prawns" in May and working on the farm. It all sounds fabulous. Fingers crossed we get there in the Springtime.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Sarah x

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