Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gelato at Terroni

I don't know how people can not have a "sweet tooth". Like when I meet people and start talking about my favorite dessert and they say, "yeah, I am not that into dessert." What? Are you human?

Terroni is one of my very favorite spots to eat traditional southern Italian food in Los Angeles. A great interior designed setting compared to another all time favorite Madeo. But, recently after having another great meal at Terroni my husband and I had their Gelato.

We had it once before which was the reason for the repeat. It comes from a "special guy in the Valley". Sketchy...but fabulous. The best Hazelnut gelato I have eaten outside of Italy. Trust me, I ate a LOT of gelato in Italy.

So next time you are having some pizza or diving into a beautiful bowl of handmade pasta at Terroni save room for dessert!

Sarah x

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