Monday, January 31, 2011

My picks. Not Jenna's.

First off, I have a problem and it's called J.CREW. The brand has stepped it up with with decent priced cashmere and shoes made in Italy that are half the price of the fancy designer brands. I really can't get enough. So here are some of my current picks from the latest catalog.

I have a thing for cardigian's. They are easy and maybe it's the weather out here (sorry everyone on the east coast!) I feel like I am always carrying one in my bag.

Loving the new Colbey
Can't get enough of this Featherweight Cashmere in heather algae! I will not stop wearing stripes.

I say neutral leathers are the way to go for a spring into summer splurge.

Digging the new Laramie.

Oxfords are not out of style and will not be in my book. These look comfy and cool.

Last but finally not least. "The classics". A perfect white shirt. Never owned a good one until I bought this one. It fits the way a clean, crisp white shirt is supposed to fit. No pulling or bunching.

I threw this dress into the mix because it is on sale and I loved the color. The cut is a classic but punching it up with the color makes it a little more special. They are selling out quick so there are some other great colors available.

Those are some of my picks. J.CREW and Jenna make it really pretty and organized in the catalog/online. BEWARE of liking something in the catalog and not being able to find it in the store. They are making more items "exclusives" to catalog and online shoppers. If you think I am obsessed checkout this blog.

Sarah x

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