Friday, January 14, 2011

The quick rundown on San Francisco

We drove up to San Francisco on a Sunday got there for lunch left Monday from Oakland at 7pm

My husband and I don't mine the drive. Good tunes, leg room, all the heavy coats and jackets we could bring. It was nice.

Sunday Lunch
Just made it in time to eat at Slanted Door. The weather was great and the view of the Bay Bridge was awesome. Ate delicious cellophane noodles with fresh dungeness crab meat. Had the spareribs and the one of their versions of crispy spring rolls. A walk around the Ferry Building was needed. Picked up some Blue Bottle Coffee.

Frances is off Market street. Super cute little spot. Reminded me of a quaint restaurant in the West Village (NYC). Had to use some muscle to get a reservation. The place is packed and for good reason. Food was great, staff was splendid overall a wonderful meal on a chilly San Fran night.

Tartine Bakery. I will not. Repeat. Will not go to San Francisco and miss out on my latte and morning sticky bun.

Woodhouse Fish Co. We drove past it and thought we should check it out. Pretty Good Lobster roll.

Humphrey Slocombe ice cream. I had Tahitian Vanilla with almond crunch and the hubby had Bourbon ice cream. Cold day outside but we were determined to eat this ice cream. So were lots of other people. That's what I love about SF people don't let the weather dictate their appetite for ice cream!

Pizzaiolo in Oakland. By far one of my new favorites spots in the COUNTRY!
My husband and I have tried to go for years! It is dinner only and we seem to always be in Oakland for lunchtime (eating at Bakesale Betty) Dinner was a dream for me. I ordered the Parsnip&Celery root soup with wild mushrooms roasted in their wood oven. We also had the Spaghetti with Hog Island Clams and hot peppers! Ordered a margherita pizza and split the INSANE dessert.
Chocolate polenta cake with blood oranges, vanilla ice cream and orange carmel!!! Hello LOVE.

Besides lots of eating we went to Battersea in the design district. Really great store with lots of unique antiques.

So our quick trip was fun and fast!
Hope you all enjoy your weekend. Any good road trips in your future?

Sarah x

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  1. Slated Door is awesome! I want to try Pizzaiolo.

    I LOVE eating in SF! You should check out my brother's restaurant - Picco in Larkspur (Marin). It's amazing! They're doing kick ass food right now. Family style restaurant and pizzeria next door (he makes house cured salumi including lardo).



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