Monday, January 17, 2011

Sally Hansen Kills it.

So I was reading one of my magazines and saw an add for these Sally Hansen Salon Effects "Polish Strips". I did some googling and only found some girls doing instructional videos on youtube. I am not a "nail" girl. I have short nails all the time. But, with my new hair do I feel inspired to have some polish on my nails.

So I decided to venture out to my local CVS and see if they had hit the stores. I looked all around and was just about to give up hope when I asked a sales associate if she had heard of the product. She was jazzed and told me I had walked right past them. Duh. When showing me the spinning display case she mentioned how all the girls at CVS loved this product. Enough said.

I bought a few different colors because they were already running low. Thought I would stock up in case they became a new favorite product.

Basically they are like these GEL nails that everyone keeps raving about except
A.) you do it yourself and B.)it's $10.50

It's pretty easy. Like sticker polish for your nails. The strips come with a cuticle stick and a mini file. You are all set. It takes some mastering but trust me, it is not hard.

Colors are a little wacky but they do have plain red. I decided to go funky to start and have BLUE ICE on my nails. What's cool is if I hate them by Friday I can use nail polish remover to take it off. The true gem on these is spending $10 verses Gel nails that are $40.

I will keep you posted later this week on how they are holding up.
Sarah x

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