Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blood, Bones and Butter

Gabrielle Hamilton is a tough lady.  Insanely talented and just down right awesome.  She runs a restaurant in New York called PRUNE.  I am so blessed and lucky to say that she catered our wedding.

My husband gave me a wish list of potential caterers and Prune fell top of the list.  She was gracious with her time and respected our choices.  Putting her spin on some of our favorites like Beef Brisket and the cocktail Pims Cup.

Her book, Blood, Bones and Butter just hit the stores.  It is her memoir of childhood food, experiences in kitchens and life.  It is wonderful.  Full disclosure, I am in the middle, but I still feel you will not be sorry if you purchased it.

If you are in NY head down to the east village to the tiny restaurant that has one of the best brunches in the country.  Or hit it up for dinner with a small (and I mean small) group of friends and order one of the incredible cocktails.

Sarah x


  1. Bringing this along for my snowboard Mammoth trip this weekend. CANNOT WAIT!

  2. such a good read! such a good brunch!



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