Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's time to spill the beans

So I have been in and out of blogging recently...
I was supposed to go the Cannes Film Festival last week.  A short film I produced was accepted into the prestigious Critics Week.  But, I came down with a bad sinus infection and could not travel.  Super bummed.

Also....I am 5 1/2 months pregnant due in September.
Not one to be very public about these things.  I am superstitious. 
But, it was time to spill the beans.

My love for blogs like pretty mommy and my dear friend zoe's macaroon original have grown.  Cool mom's telling it like it is.  Sharing their knowledge.

Things like my snoogle have made my John Robshaw bed look a wreck.
But it's moments like when I can eat 2 ice cream sandwiches 20 snacks a day or cream cheese and olive sandwiches with no guilt that I feel like, man....this is FUN.

In all seriousness this baby is moving and shaking around and I love it.
But, this blog will continue.  Maybe some fun baby stuff, maybe not.
My husband and I will be heading out for a great east coast road trip and adventure next month.  Stay tuned for food and fun from New England.

I thank you all for your continue support of my little space on the www.
Sarah xx


  1. Congratulations to you and Mr. D! xoxo

  2. CONGRATS!!!!! So happy for you both : )

  3. Congrats! The snoogle is the bomb, right? (I'm due about six weeks ahead of you, let me know if you have questions!)



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