Saturday, May 21, 2011

things I am loving

My cafe bowls from Heath

Microplane for grading the Cheddar cheese on MOST of my current egg dishes

Love for the container store continues to grow.  Jumbo clear storage bins.

I started to get into coffee pre-baby.  But ALWAYS drank tea both dark or non-caffeinated.  I love PG TIPS.  Caffeine in the morning.   I feel like my life will continue to need this for a very long time.

Chocolate milk.  This one seems to be the best for a non-glass jar.

Bare Fruit's Granny Smith apples.  Man, I take these everywhere.  Good crunch.

My life with out dairy would be tough.  Please don't make my child lactose intolerant.  Eating good old American Cheese (organic because I feel better for eating it) with pretzels or crackers.

Never was a leggings girl.  But, that sentence is left far behind.  GAP makes the best maternity ones.  Low cut and super soft.

Got this from H&M to wear in Cannes.  Well, that was a bust so I think I will rock it to my friends birthday party tonight.  A side note: H&M has great tank tops for ladies with babies on the way.  Go a size or two up.  They are long which is important for your belly that keeps extended forward.  Ummm nice way of putting it.

Dresses by anyone and everyone who makes one that will fit me through the summer.  Something like this is perfect! lucky I bought this a month ago...

So that is a little update...
More to come this week....

Sarah x

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  1. Sounds like you are doing fabulous!! Hope you are feeling well and pampering yourself this hearing about your travels...



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