Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NY for fancy and just plain good

How may you ask does one go to Eleven Madison Park and Grimaldi's in one short NYC trip?  Easy...

For the Pizza, have best friends that live near the best Grimaldi's location near the Brooklyn Bridge!!  Do take out!! If you have never had a slice from Grimaldi's while visiting NYC you MUST get one.  I personally think that the one under the B. Bridge is the best.  Also so much fun in the summertime to grab some pizza and walk around the area.  Set up shop by the park near the water looking at the Manhattan skyline.  Does not get any better.

Eleven Madison Park is another story, situation whatever you want to call it.
When we (the husband and I) go to NYC we never eat fancy. 
Always sticking to the neighborhood joints.  But, this trip we changed it up.
Super fancy.  This is one of those meals that you talk about for years to come.  Listen, I was 6 months pregnant and ate this food.  I missed some of the incredible raw seafood dishes and still had a delightful time.  The room is just beautiful.  The staff and service is superb.  As it should be.  But, this is a pricey adventure.  Also not one for a so-so food lover.  You have to want to have this kind of meal.

Overall a fun few days in NY.
Then we were off to visit family in Connecticut and Long Island.
After that it was road trip time to Massachusetts and Maine.

More on those locations later...
Sarah xx

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