Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We pause for a beauty update

We pause for a beauty break. 
Sorry boys who might happen upon this blog today....

I know I have been writing on my blog at a snails pace.  I do sincerely apologize.  But, the baby is due next month so it's keeping me busy with room and house projects.  However, I did find myself some snazzy new nail colors today.  Thought I would let you know about them and follow up this week with our continued programing.

Sea foam green.  Yes, I went there.  I don't feel like I am fifteen either. 
It's not candy apple color.  I swear. And may I suggest only on short nails.
It is a brand new Essie color called ABSOLUTELY SHORE

The deep green is surprising. Not that weird. 
Looks kinda excellent with gold sandals etc.

I promise to finish writing about our trip to New England.  I take my posts on our trips very seriously.  I like to get it fully flushed out before putting it up on the blog.  Mama don't mess around with her restaurants and food posts!

So enjoy the summer.  August is already flying by....and it just started!
Sarah x

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