Monday, August 22, 2011

New England Travels-Maine

 I have been very fortunate to travel to Maine and New England through most of my life.  A family member has a house in the Bar Harbor area for over 30 years.  I went to sleep away camp on Lake Winnipesaukee for 8 years.  So most of my childhood summer memories revolve around New England.  To say I miss it is an understatement.  I knew my "babymoon"/ last big trip with the husband (and little one inside the belly) should be a trip up to Bar Harbor.

Last post focused on Boston.  Then we took a nice drive up the coast stopping in Portland for two nights.  We then drove across the farmland north by Augusta towards Belfast and up to Bar Harbor.  The trip had typical Maine weather from fogged and rainy in Portland to pure sunshine and glory in Bar Harbor.

Here we go...


Portland Museum of Art
Went to the huge exhibit on John Marin.

Places to Stay:
Portland Harbor Hotel

Two Fat Cats
Amazing Pies

The Standard Baking Company
Sticky Buns and tons of fresh baked bread!

Bard Coffee
Live music.  Great acoustic set by Pete Miller.
You heard about him here first.  I think he is GREAT!

Hot Suppa
One of the best we have had in a long long time. 

French Fries:

Fore Street
Wood Fire Mussels?!!!  

Rogues Gallery
Black Parrot
Portland Dry Goods


Random Lobster Roll and BBQ:
Maine Luau

Seasonal Kitchen/Sandwich Shop:
Mother's Kitchen Foods

Little Notch Bakery
(three locations in the area)

(pricey but has local produce and can't find at Kroger ingredients)

Fried Clams:
Jordan's Snack Bar
(a MUST for fried Clams)

Acadia National Park:
Highlights included Bass Harbor Light House, Cadillac Mountain and the Fjords of Somes Sounds. 

Hikes are plentiful for both pregnant ladies and advanced hikers. Wonderland was nice.

We took a side trip to an antique's barn called Elmer's.  We heard about while in Portland. It was a pretty insane place.  A front yard filled with what some would say was junk...but the barn held many fun treasures.

We also cooked a ton and ate off the land and sea in front of our house.  It was so fun!

My husband might have more spots that I have forgotten but overall that's the adventure we had in New England. 

So stay tuned for some more pre-baby posts!

Sarah x

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