Thursday, September 1, 2011

e-waste recycling

Man oh man....
Cleaning up your house pre-baby can be stressful.  Especially when you are trying to be thoughtful of the environment.  We have all these wires and parts from old Apple products, cameras and cell phones that I am looking to recycle.
I know I can't just throw them in the trash.

Thought some of it would be easy to return to Apple.
Not the case.  They said they take some cables at the store but not everything.  They of course have a great recycle program for computers and iphones...But I am talking about all those damn cables and extra parts they give you that sit in a box for years...

Turns out Best Buy will take the cables and other products.  This was the most convenient and broad based program I found.

Also the EPA has a site devoted to helping you find a local facility.

Local LA:
The department of public works has a program which accepts e-waste on Saturday's only
through their SAFE program at the UCLA campus.  Other locations are also available.

Just trying to spread the word and do my part.
So if you are doing a FALL clean up and have a desk draw filled with wires and chargers click on one of the links above to recycle or donate.

Sarah x

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